swatch: streetwear fx flash

amazing chameleon-like glitter that, depending on the lighting and angle, flashes vivid medium green, spring green/gold, copper, and on rare occasions, blue. here is just one coat of fx flash over one coat of wet 'n' wild black creme.

excuse the jacked-up condition of my nails and mani; this is after three days of wear and neglect!


  1. YESSSS. I luuurrrve your swatches on MUA. So Glad I found ur blog!

    P.S. That glitter is sweet!

  2. thanks so much, guys! i only wish my nails weren't so misshapen in these pics, haha. now that i have this blog, i suppose i can no longer get away with neglecting my nails!

  3. This is so beautiful. I love that glittery look.


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