swatch: rescue beauty lounge orbis non sufficit

1. it's very difficult to accurately capture just how grayed-out this polish is - i needed to mess with this one in photoshop quite a bit
2. rbl bottles are a major pain to hold for photos; i finally had to settle on this slightly odd pose
3. rbls tend to be chippy on me unless i wrap my tips, and this one was no exception... i had noticeable tipwear and a number of small chips after just 8 hours.

loooove how dusty this is - the muted/grayed quality of this polish really sets it apart from the rest of the green pack. and application on this was awesome - had i been paying more attention, i could probably have gotten away with just one coat (the above picture is of two).

(p.s. tt students, i seeee yoooou! hahahaha. feel free to call me out on any grammatical errors i make!)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! And I agree about the difficulty of photographing it! LOL your pic looks way better than mine. Sucks about the wear tho, for me they seem to get small chips/tip wear quickly too, but it's kinda expected with swimming.

  2. michelle - omg, i had to edit it in photoshop (all squinting with my hand held up to my computer screen, lol) for like 20 minutes! all the original pics i took made it look like a plain/bold green, like recycle. and i'm not particularly hard on my hands, so i don't know why i have these wear issues - wrapping my tips totally solves the problem, but i'm too lazy to do it given that i change my polish daily, haha.

  3. wow, this one looks amazing on you!!

    on a side note, I love RBL colors but for some reason they're really chippy on me too. :(

  4. i really like this color! dusty colors are love :)

  5. this is a great color! i don't have any RBL yet but i can imagine about those bottles haha. love your nails!

  6. I have to buy this one. Love that dusty green. Looks fantastic on you.


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