swatch: nails inc. st. john's wood

in the middle of organizing my stash (i have a second helmer now, yay!), but here's today's notd, another lovely nails inc. creme:

the application on this was really smooth (as i've come to expect from nails inc. polishes!), and i love the color. most light purples don't stand out well on my skin tone, but this one is unusually vivid. btw, st. john's wood is darker and dustier in indoor light, and the above picture is two coats.


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous!! I have that one but haven't worn it yet ;-)

  2. Love this one!!! I need to figure out a sneaky way to get some Nails Inc asap!

  3. This is so pretty! I think what your BF did was amazing, and this polish is gorgeous. Hope you're doing well (we met at NNO!)

  4. michelle - i can't wait for you to try it out! it really pops on tanned skin, much more so than other light/medium purples.

    daydream222 - they're amazing... my favorite brand! i *would* have to become obsessed with something not readily available in the us, huh? haha!

    beautyjudy - thank you! it was really nice meeting you and i hope you're doing well too! and yeah... my bf is pretty awesome. i got lucky! :)

  5. i'm trying really hard not to want nails inc. polishes.. x)

  6. Very pretty shade. Love it on you.


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