swatch: zoya astra

it's my birthday today, and i figured the occasion deserved a little celebratory glitter!

i love vivid pinks and i love jellies with glitter, so it's no surprise that i love astra, a vibrant pink jelly with both dark pink and light pink glitter. application was really great, especially for a glitter - the above pic is three coats, with a couple of additional touchups.

with topcoat, astra is very smooth; however, this smoothness doesn't always come across in photos because it's a jelly (which makes it easier to see the individual glitter pieces, which in turn gives the impression of grittiness). but check out the glassy shine on this pic... hopefully this helps to demonstrate astra's glossy evenness:


  1. I love love LOVE that! I cant wait to get my Zoya Glitters!!

  2. that looks gorgeous! happy birthday! :D

  3. Please to stop posting such pretty pics right now!!! LOL you're making me want Astra so bad, and of course your skin is just a bit darker than mine so I know I have to get it :P

  4. mazoo - i hope you love them! did you get all three?

    j - thank you!

    michelle - it's such a fun polish; i can't stop staring at my nails even though this is day 2 of this mani. astra is a must-have, imo! and i feel you on the skin tone thing; whenever something looks good on you or mrs_b, i know that i have to have it as well! haha

  5. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day. I just ordered this and the other pink glitter. Your nails look beautiful


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