swatch: nails inc. the southbank

a lovely light gray creme... not so hot with my skin tone, but i do like it in the abstract. still on the hunt for an even lighter gray creme (shimmer-free, please), which i'm hoping will provide the contrast i'm looking for.

the above photo is of two coats - normally i think the southbank would be perfectly even and streak-free at that point, but unfortunately i was applying it in a mad rush. don't blame the polish!

edit: for really great pics of this polish, check out tobywoo's post here... very helpful comp swatches, too!


  1. great color! any idea how this compares to orly's mirror mirror?

  2. hi jen! i'm afraid i don't own the orly, but going off of scrangie's pics here, it looks like the orly is much more blue-toned?


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