Illamasqua Boo over Essie Sexy Divide: Swatch Pictures and Review

Finding Illamasqua Boo was such an ordeal for me... it wasn't officially being sold in the US (and I was loath to pay hefty international shipping fees from the Illamasqua website), but I'd heard rumors of a few mislabeled bottles somehow making their way to Sephora! So one freezing New York winter day, just before Christmas, I put on my wool cape (no, really) and set off up the island of Manhattan, on a quest to hit every Sephora in my path. And after half a dozen stops, pausing to hurriedly open up every bottle of "Collide" at each one, I struck gold! One "Collide" was actually "Boo"!

Since Boo is glitter in a clear base, I layered it over Essie Sexy Divide in these photos.

Sadly, my tale has a rather disappointing end: after all that hunting, it turns out I didn't even really like Boo on my nails that much, and I swapped it away to a better home. Recent nailboarders have had it a bit easier in their quest for Boo, as the Holiday 2009 Boo/Baptiste duo recently went on sale on the Illamasqua website for just £10! It appears to be sold out now, but there's always swapping...


  1. Love this! I can't wait until it gets cool enough to wear dark purples again (just in my head, there's no reason why anyone can't wear dark purples all year round lol...)

  2. Cat, I'm the same way! I know anyone can wear any color year round, but for myself, certain colors have certain seasons associated with them.

    LOVE IT! =P
    Hi... *waves*
    I forgot how much I love your nails!

  4. awww, hi claudia! it's good to "see" you again too! and thank you!


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