Nails Inc. Victoria & Albert: Swatch Picture and Review

If I recall correctly, Nails Inc. Victoria & Albert is one of the favorites of the red creme queen herself - tobywoo - so you know it has to be good.

And it is! Unfortunately, my picture doesn't do it justice, but Victoria & Albert is a super-smooth, even-flowing, beautiful red creme. When I first wore it, I remember being so impressed with the ease of application and rich pigment of the polish, especially considering that it's quite thin. While V&A was perfect in two coats, it's not quite warm-toned enough to make its way into my very favorites… but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate how lovely and high-quality it is!


  1. I love Nails Inc's polishes and they far outweigh any other brand in my collection. I know some people don't seem to like them but I sometimes think they're just being bitter and "brandist" - I've honestly never come across a Nails Inc polish that was anything other than perfect. My favourite is "The Hurlingham" - mega bright orangey red/reddy orange, and so smooth and highly pigmented that it's perfect with one coat :D

  2. Great classic color! I'm not sure why I don't wear red cremes more often.

  3. ahhh that's amazing! I miss wOO...


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