OPI Gift of Gold: Swatch Picture and Review

This was one of Ulta's OPI holiday exclusives from last year. I don't have an Ulta anywhere near me, so my friend Dia hooked me up!

OBSESSED. A super-sparkly mix of bright gold and darker gold glitter, with some red-copper glitter speckled in! What I love about this glitter is how opaque it was for glitter in a clear base (this swatch is just two coats) and how brilliantly it twinkled in the light. My pic unfortunately looks a bit dull and bumpy, but my pinky gives a hint of this polish's true glassy gleam.


  1. LOVE this color. So so glad my friend got it for me. It's so wonderfully warm.

  2. Oh my heavens!!!! Beautiful!!!!!

  3. Love this on you!! I think your picture is fabulous and I'm so glad you still love it!! :D


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