streetwear elf: swatch picture and review

here's a swatch of one of my very favorite streetwears... elf!

and a close-up to highlight the shimmer:

i love a murky dark green... you all know that normally i don't enjoy shimmer, but for some reason i like elf. a limited-edition holiday polish long since discontinued, elf is vhtf, so i feel quite lucky to have scored this beauty!

looking forward to the day ahead - first, a playdate with an old friend (who i haven't seen in months after years of seeing him nearly every day), followed by a holiday party/made-it-through-the-semester celebration with the other members of my program. and of course, keeping my fingers crossed about the DREAM act!


  1. shimmer tastic! got a stylish blogger award for you!!

  2. This shade is stunning! I've never heard the name of this brand before reading this post, but their polishes look great!


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