streetwear grinch: swatch picture and review

i was lucky enough to find a few christmas streetwears earlier this year, so i thought i'd post them in these weeks leading up to the holidays!

sw grinch is a beautiful fine green glitter that i'm thrilled to own! on my middle and pinky fingers two coats of grinch are layered over three coats of streetwear mrs. claus, and on my index and ring fingers i'm wearing four coats (plus a couple of touch-ups) of grinch on its own. so festive!

a note: grinch is vvvhtf, but according to karen of pretty random (who's a thousand times more knowledgeable about older polishes than i could ever hope to be), icing lucky charm is a perfect dupe!


  1. I would sell a kidney for this polish lol. I have massive love for streetwear polishes. My collection is slowly growing, but it'll never be like kaz's

  2. This looks great. I love love love the green polish over the red.

  3. Great green glitter! Lucky you for having it in your stash.

  4. Oh I love it!! Thanks for the plug :D


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