bloom bianca + streetwear fx flash: swatch pictures and review

i'm lucky enough to have some gorgeous revlon streetwears in my collection, thanks to a great dusty where i live as well as some generous friends. for some reason, though, i don't break out my streetwears as much as i should, so i'm starting a new feature on my blog to encourage me to swatch and wear my sw collection, one polish at a time. so welcome to streetwear saturdays!

after i got bored with yesterday's bloom bianca mani, i decided to layer one coat of streetwear fx flash (the green/chameleon/mermaid version) on top of it. here's fx flash in the bottle:

and here are some pics of the resultant mani. unfortunately these pictures don't do the manicure justice at all - in real life most of the colors you see in these pictures (the teal, the light green, and the yellow/gold, although not the blue) are much more vivid, and there's also a very strong copper tone to the glitter in certain lights.

i'm completely in love! i described this layered effect as "totally crazy and delicious" to some friends earlier, and the more i look at my nails, the more i think that's the perfect description for this mani.

by the way, if you'd like to see sw fx flash layered over black, please check out this post.


  1. Why are you doing this. This hurts me. Want so bad.

  2. OH MAN. If those pictures don't do the polish justice O_______O.

  3. This is really gorgeous! I love glitter and shimmer like crazy. I used to own Streetwear when it first came out. I'm sick that I got rid of them. My favorite was Toad. I'm still looking for the olive green that would match that bottle. The thing is I don't have the bottle to match up!

  4. I have never heard of this collection before. What a pity, this polish is really stunning. :)


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