swatch: nails inc. portland place

i got this gorgeous jelly polish from a uk friend as part of an asos christmas duo set that also included nails inc. duke st. i love that this is a teal that leans green rather than blue; this quality makes it quite unique in my collection. three coats:

bf says: "this is a good photograph considering that you took it on a moving train! note that my sister is a photographer so i would know! it is in my blood."


  1. Awww dammit! Now I need it!

  2. You, PS and TW make me lem these Nails, Inc! My wallet may be a bit lighter soon! It is a beautiful shade of teal on you!!

  3. Gorgeous on you!!! Glad you love it.

  4. This color is a beaut. I frequently wish my turquoises & teal were more green than blue. I only have a couple.

    Also - this one really compliments your skin tone.

  5. No wonder you take such great pictures is right! This is fantastic shade. I'm trying to resist going to they're website. So far I haven't done it.


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