swatch: opi suzi says feng shui

from opi's recent hong kong collection. from the same collection i also got jade is the new black, panda-monium pink, and red my fortune cookie, all of which i'll hopefully be posting in the near future!

i'm not normally the biggest fan of medium blues, but i do like this one more than i like most others, probably because of its dusty/darkened quality. application on this was smooth, and the polish required two coats to reach opacity.

bf says: "IDEAL BLUE!"


  1. Mmmm - I really like this too, also because of the dustiness

  2. This looks amazing on you! This color really is perfect, I love the dustiness to it. I'm wearing Jade is the New Black right now and love that one too.

  3. It looks amazing on you! It is a lovely blue!

  4. oh ya btw, I tagged you for best blog award

  5. Darn, your making me want this polish. Really looks beautiful on you. Gorgeous shade.


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