swatch: american apparel downtown la + china glaze medallion

after i got bored with my aa downtown la mani, i topped it with chg medallion (fine gold glitter and larger holographic glitter in a clear base) to give it a fresh look. please keep in mind that these photos were taken right when i woke up and in the middle of a storm… in other words, not in the best lighting conditions. i can only imagine how blingy this manicure would be in full sunlight!

and here's a blurred close-up to show how glittery and fun this look is:

love! i needed something sparkly to cheer myself up in this gross weather, and this fit the bill perfectly. for the base color, i used two coats of downtown la, and for the glitter effect i used one coat of medallion on my ring and pinky fingers and two coats on my index and middle fingers. just a warning, medallion is a pain to remove, but i'm sure the foil method would get it off quickly and painlessly!


  1. OMG that's gorgeous. I'm going to have to find me some medallion shortly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That looks AWESOME! Would have been so perfect for Chinese New Years. =)

  3. Amazing it's like party on your nails!! I love your NOTDs!

  4. Love this manicure! I love putting Medallion on other polishes. It's so amazing.


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