swatch: bb couture poison ivy

hi everyone, sorry for my absence from the blog lately! the past couple of weeks have been crazy-busy, but hopefully i can get back into the posting groove again smoothly! so without further ado, here's a green notd from last week, bb couture poison ivy:

the formula on this is a tiny bit thick, but i found that worked to my advantage as i was in a rush to get out the door for my st. patrick's day plans and wanted something with serious coverage. and poison ivy didn't disappoint, as it was opaque in two quick coats.

by the way, i don't normally comment on any nail polish's wear time because i change my mani so frequently, but i recall being very impressed with the lasting power of this polish. i kept this mani on for four days last week, and even though i'm seriously hard on my hands, i didn't get even the tiniest chip.

the fact that i was able to keep this mani on for so long when i normally have to change my polish every day out of boredom is also a comment on the quality of the color. poison ivy is a vibrant green creme - brighter in the sunlight (for example, in the picture above) and darker indoors - and i really enjoyed having it on my nails.

and also, for those of you who are coming here from getcha nails did, welcome! thank you brooke for mentioning my little blog!


  1. I find myself developing a crush on your nails. I feel weird even typing that but I do love your nails and pics. I appreciate anyone who loves cremes like I do.

  2. Saw your blog on Brooke's blog. Your wearing my favorite green polish and favorite polish of all. Looks fantastic on you. I love all of BB Coutures greens. They have the best shades. I own them all I believe. Maybe I haven't gotten the very newest shade. I will be getting it soon. You really have such pretty nails. I'll be trying to catch up on your blog.

  3. Quick comment to let you know you've been tagged over at my blog.

  4. I just love your blog ! Thanks Brooke for sharing !

  5. I love it I love it I love it, and I love the MOBBQ you posted over at that other place recently. I always feared that would look too brown on me, glad to see it rendered on someone else.

    Happy long weekend!


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