rescue beauty lounge surf collection swatches: 360, bangin', and diddy mow

what better way to come back from my little blogging break than with the latest collection from my absolute favorite polish brand, rescue beauty lounge? the spring/summer surf collection is now available again for pre-order through this wednesday, april 7, so i thought i'd share my swatches for those of you who are debating whether or not to take the plunge on these.

by the way, the formula on all of these polishes is absolutely perfect. creamy, smooth, buttery, pigmented... exactly what i expect from rbl. each of these polishes was close to opaque in one coat and was perfect in two.

diddy mow is a completely unique and seriously cool blend of gray and green. i can see myself reaching for this polish again and again and again come fall:

here's a close-up of diddy mow to show its secret shimmer:

360 is a muted medium aqua that's very pretty. it's slightly darker than what i'd normally consider a summery color, but it works:

the secret shimmer in 360 is slightly stronger than the secret shimmer in diddy mow - here's a close-up:

and finally, bangin' is an amazingly bright warm red creme and my current notd. i know many are passing on this color because it seems dupey, but i consider bangin' to be the ultimate, most beautifully pigmented version of my favorite polish color. some browsers are doing funny things to this pic, so please know that this is pure red, not orange at all:

okay, basketball needs my attention again. gordon hayward is so boyishly adorable; i want to fix him a grilled cheese sandwich or something. maybe bring him a glass of chocolate milk.


  1. oh dear, you make me want these! those all look amazing on you!

  2. Amazing! I honestly didn't even look twice at this collection until you posted these today on MUA.

  3. OOoh, gorgeous! Thanks for showing these beautiful colors in such big, up-close pics. 360 would definitely be a color I would buy if RBL has a future sale. So awesome!

  4. I love the look of 360. A beautiful colour and that little bit of shimmer just makes it!

  5. Kizarmis ekmek istiyorum.

    To all Keertamina fans: stay tuned for her upcoming originals...
    1. TestTaker Blue
    2. Butt Dance Black
    3. Hale and Harty Party

    ohhhhhhhhh yea.

  6. Holy crap... I want all three! Why do they have to be so expensive? :(

  7. pbbbbbbbbbt im' SO JEALOUS! i want all 3 desperately but i didn't have the £££ last time they were in stock. i hope Ji brings 'em back for a 3rd time!


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