swatch: rescue beauty lounge coral

this photo varies wildly depending on the browser in which i view it, so just for reference rbl coral is a very vivid and juicy pink with slight melon undertones.

i absolutely love this color; it's so spring-y and thus perfect for the warm weather we've been having lately. it required just two coats for opacity and applied very smoothly... i adore rbls!

bf says: "you can see the reflection of the window in your nails. a csi person would be able to figure out where you live."


  1. I seriously could buy ALL Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes and everytime you post one I'm like oh I had to get this one!It looks great on you

  2. Oh my gosh, I just checked it at home, looks amazing!!! I'll be adding to my RBL lemming list - I can only justify the shipping when it's sale time. :-) Thanks for sharing dude!!!

  3. Very pretty. RBL polishes are amazing. I'm waiting for one of those good sales to buy more.


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