swatch: nails inc. the serpentine

now *this* had the amazing nails inc. formula that i love. two coats to total creamy, opaque perfection.

a rich, deep blue with a hint of dustiness...

under the fluorescent lights at work today, it was a simpler/more straightforward dark blue creme, but still gorgeous:

and now, i'm off to nails night out nyc! will report back in my next post.


  1. I went to NNO and it was awesome! Well, I've enjoyed your posts on the nailboard, so it was really nice meeting you in person tonight. Not sure if you'll remember me, but we were telling this dude about NNO while waiting on line for our gift bags lol. You have a good blog going here, can't wait to see what other NOTDs you have in store ;) Oh and the nail/beauty supplies directory is great so thanks for that :D Hope to see you at another NNO :) ~Jen

  2. hi jen,

    thank you for the sweet comment, and i absolutely do remember you! funny story... i left NNO maybe half an hour after we met in the gift bag line, and that guy was still there! he was standing by the swap table looking totally intrigued and asking tons of questions while examining the polishes, hahaha.

    i can't recall - do you live in the city? if so, it looks like a few of us are planning to get together casually next month (maybe for some np shopping and lunch), so that those who weren't able to attend NNO can have a taste of the fun! if you're interested, please feel free to join us - you can pm me on mua (kmalladi) and i'll gladly keep you in the loop. nice to have met you! :)

  3. I do live in the city and another meet up sounds great! I created a new acct - jeninja - pm'ing ya :)

  4. that is my favorite np of all of the ones you've worn!

  5. horrified that i enjoy this one.
    truly. bt it's so blewwwwwww!!!

  6. Just a beautiful dusty blue. Anything like this in another brand? One that I can buy in the US that is!

  7. hi lucy - sorry about the slow response! misa on the edge is the most similar polish i have in my collection, but unfortunately it doesn't have the same dusty quality. :( i'll post an notd of on the edge as well as a comparison with the serpentine for you sometime this week!


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