swatch: illamasqua boosh + clarins 230

i was running late for work today and didn't get a chance to take a photo of my notd (l.a. girl rockstar), so here's one from the archives. boooooooooosh is glossy, gorgeous perfection. applies wonderfully too... goes *precisely* where you put it. boosh, i love you.

and here it is with clarins 230 accent nails. i got so much flak on the nb for wearing 230 alone instead of layered over the black but whatever. i tried both options and liked it better this way... although i'm dying to wear it over a purple thanks to the pics pretty random has up here.

two coats of boosh, four of 230.


  1. Very pretty! Where did you find the Clarins 230? I've been looking for it forever.

  2. I actually got it from a (very generous!) friend of mine... I'm afraid I don't know where she bought it, but I'm sure it was a long time ago. Sorry to not have been more helpful! :(

  3. i can't believe you got got crap for it! 230 never shines like it should over black anyway.
    bOOsh is the best color ever!

  4. BOOsh is amazing looking. What can I say about the Clarins? It's just perfection.


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