swatch: illamasqua grab

hi guys! sorry to have been so absent from here - my laptop kicked the bucket pretty much as soon as i landed in california, and until it's fixed i don't have access to my saved pictures or any photo editing software. but while i've got a second, here's a photo of the notd i wore for *gasp* four days last week, illamasqua grab:

unfortunately, this isn't a color-accurate photo - this polish is much darker and richer irl. but while grab is tough to capture, it's lovely to apply... creamy and opaque in two coats.

bf says: "that looks like a lisa frank trapper keeper."


  1. This is a pretty pink! It looks great with your skin tone!

  2. Oooh this looks great on you! I'm gonna have to pick this up soon :)
    On an Illamasqua-related note I have a question: would you say Alarm is a must-have? (I already have $OPI Lost w/o My GPS & OPI On Collins Ave, that's why I was wondering)

  3. Hot!!! Hope you're enjoying Cali!!!
    -Indoor Kitty

  4. thanks guys!

    hausofpolish - honestly, i think you can skip illamasqua alarm. i don't have lost w/o my gps or on collins ave, so i can't say how close alarm is in color, but i don't personally think alarm worth the price. for an orange-toned red, i prefer opi monsooner or later, which is way cheaper to boot. :) i have swatches of both alarm and monsooner or later, but i just had my computer overhauled and now all my pics look weirdly-colored, ahhhh. :(

  5. Beautiful shade on you. It's so pretty.


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