swatch: essie ruby slippers

last week i wore essie ruby slippers to a holiday party with my bf... and i loved it so much i kept it on for five days straight!

this is my hg red glitter polish, and i think it's absolutely perfect for the holiday season. it strikes me as much more complex than the widely popular chg ruby pumps, although having never owned the latter polish, i can't say for sure.

ruby slippers has a jelly base so it does require a number of coats for opacity (i used three for the mani above), but it's quite easy to work with. and one coat of seche vite was enough to make the finish glassy and totally smooth!


  1. I'm wearing ruby pumps on my toes and it's not exactly flattering. Is ruby slippers a little more flattering for warm toned folks??

  2. D:) - i don't own ruby pumps, but i'm very warm-toned and find ruby slippers quite flattering... it has strong gold and orange tones. :)

  3. Stunning on you!!! I'm still wearing it too and I like it, but I keep having to fix tip wear with all the cooking and stuff I've been doing! lol

  4. Beautiful polish. Looks just like Ruby Slippers to me. I don't know if there is any difference in the two.


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