swatch: rescue beauty lounge purple haze

recently, i've gotten a couple of emails from people asking how to follow my blog - i actually didn't have the followers widget added because i personally use google reader instead, but i've just added the followers tool to the top of my sidebar for those of you who have been looking for it. i'm sorry about the confusion! and now, on to the polish:

a fairly vibrant medium purple with only a slight touch of gray, rbl purple haze in my opinion doesn't look its best on darker skin tones (a problem with most light-medium purples, i've found). while it's a pretty color and looks great on others, it doesn't quite pop on me in the same way. instead, it blends into my skin tone (not quite as badly as american apparel dynasty, however) and doesn't provide the contrast and boldness i typically look for in my nail colors.

on the plus side, the application of this polish was good. on the first coat it seems a bit like a jelly and as if it might require three coats for opacity, but it quickly evened out with just a second coat.

bf says: "there's a flaw in your application!"
me: "no, that's a bubble from my top coat. it's a chemical thing; i can't control it."
*long argument about polish application ensues; bf for some reason references marilyn monroe.*


  1. Very pretty polish! I do love my purples :)

  2. ??? I think it looks great on you. *shrugs*

  3. thank you both!

    D:) - i've always disliked medium purples on myself (instead preferring brights or vampies) so it might be personal bias talking! i don't dislike all rbl purples, though... mismas is one of my fave polishes ever!

  4. I don't agree with you and I think this kind of shades look great with darker skin tones. I love it on you!

  5. nihrida - thanks for your comment! i love your nails and blog. :)

  6. I loooove Purple Haze, it's so unique! And it does look good on you.
    Gah, I hate it when the topcoat does that.

  7. Love Purple Haze. I want it for the name alone. I grew up listening to Jimi Hendrix and also saw him in concert. Exciting times. That next sale and I'll will have it. Looks fantastic on you.

  8. OK i gotta ask lol... how exactly did BF work Marilyn Monroe into a discussion about polish application?


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