swatch: bb couture impact driver

from the "tools for men" collection (i know, i know):

this polish had great application and pigmentation (this is two coats) - it flowed onto the nail beautifully and was easy to control. while i love the dusty blue color, this polish isn't ultimately for me because it has shimmer and i'm almost exclusively a creme and glitter girl. if you like it, though, it's available at overall beauty.

bf says: "that has a hint of shimmer... no, sparkles. is it sparkles? a hint of glitter?"


  1. Very Pretty! I do like this one...I find myself liking blue a lot these days....

  2. It's true. You're no shimmer girl.

  3. Your BF is hilarious! I love that you include his thoughts on each polish!

    Gives a new perspective!

  4. Gorgeous! Wow am I glad I bought that whole collection. Yours is the best manicure I've seen with this shade on. I can really see the shimmer in it. Why don't you like shimmer?


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