swatch: rescue beauty lounge opaque nude

it's strange that i consider rbl opaque nude - a neutral - my comfort polish, considering that normally i gravitate toward vampies, bright pinks and orange-reds, and teals. but for some reason this polish always feels 'right' to me.

opaque nude is now unfortunately discontinued, but i have two bottles stockpiled so hopefully i'll never have to be without it! its application is great for a pale shade… pretty streak-free and opaque (true to its name) in just two coats.

to see how this polish looks on someone with a lighter/cooler skin tone, check out tobywoo's pics here.

bf says: "that's skin tone for a white person... you are not white. who do you think you are?!"


  1. This polish is a huge lemming of mine and I regret not buying it when it was available!It looks great!

  2. Wow, they've discontinued this? What a shame. I'm a shade or two darker than you and I think this color is wonderful as well. It's great for those "I don't know what color to wear" days, and it goes with everything.

  3. hi! I randomly came across your blog, and am really happy to have found a brown girl swatching nail polish!

    I was wondering if you had an opinion on a good polish for an Indian girl trying out the nude/mannequin hands trend (at least, it's a trend where I am!) - all the ones i've tried so far are too pale on me. I think I'm about the same shade as you :)

  4. thanks guys!

    and hi lia! the reason you stated is exactly why i started my blog, so i'm so glad you found it! <3

    regarding a nude/mannequin hands polish for medium indian skin tones (i'm ~mac nc42), i actually have been avoiding the trend myself, as i prefer lighter/starker beige polishes. i did find that sally hansen salon quartz chameleon was quite close to my skin tone, although it does have shimmer

    a couple of other polishes you might want to check out are occ petty beige and chg heirloom organza. i don't know if either of those polishes would actually work, as i don't own them, but maybe they're worth looking into?

    i'm sorry i couldn't be more helpful! :( this is just unfortunately not a trend i've personally gravitated toward, but i hope you find the polish you're looking for soon! definitely let me know if you have any luck; i'm very curious!

  5. Looks really nice on you. I had a perfect nude for myself years ago by Revlon. Unfortunately they discontinued it. I also asked Revlon about it and they were no help. One of these days I'll remember the name of it and see if I could find it or a dupe. I bought many nudes to try and replace it. Everything was just a little off.


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