swatch: sally hansen salon quartz chameleon

the last couple of days have called for a neutral/"work-appropriate" mani, so i reached for this untried polish (from the fall 2008 sally hansen/tracy reese collaboration):

quartz chameleon went on smoothly and required three coats for opacity. honestly, i don't love this polish, as it's strangely close to my skin tone and kind of makes me look like i'm missing my fingernails. in addition, i think it's pretty clear from the polishes i typically wear that i don't like shimmer... but hey, at least this is no longer an untried!

bf says: "it's yoooou, babyyyy!"
me: "what?"
bf says: "THAT'S ALL I HAVE TO SAY!"


  1. you make me feel so much better for my apathy towards shimmer! cremes rule!

  2. I think I love you! I got a limited edition door vernis last year in exactly the same colour, it has run out and I have been trying to find a replacement ever since. Thank you sooo much!


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