swatch: misa dying love

so much for my new year's resolution to post four times a week huh? unfortunately, i've been so busy lately that i kept $opi dark room on for a week and my next mani, opi dutch tulips on for close to another week. i'll try to be better from now on!

here's my current notd, misa dying love (two coats):

dying love is a black with silver shimmer that lightens the polish's overall color to more of a charcoal gray. the shimmer in this polish is so fine that it can barely be made out as individual particles; instead, it just serves to give the polish a pearly sheen.

me: "what do you think about this one?"
bf says: "nothing! it's just black! it's not even a color."


  1. I really like that, very nice :-)...now that I think about it I don't own any Misa polishes.

  2. Hey chica! Be sure to check out my blog link since you're mentioned :)


  3. you have been nominated...

  4. Gorgeous. I don't wear black at all. I have it but I don't know why I haven't worn it.


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