happy new year!

hi everyone, and happy 2010! i have two polish-related resolutions this new year:

first, i'm going to try to make myself always wear a base coat - i tend to slack off on it because my nails are strong and i don't really care about staining, but this way i'll be able to swatch sheers alone if i ever feel like doing so.

second, i hope to strengthen my commitment to this blog and post notds/swatches at least four times a week. i really want to provide a resource for other girls of my skin tone seeking to know how certain polishes will look on them, and that won't happen if i don't post pics regularly!

and on that note, stay tuned for swatches from american apparel's new nail polish collection - i'll start getting pics up tomorrow. :)


  1. Your swatches rock! I love your skintone.

    I never ever go without base coat. You're lucky though, my nails are so peely!

    Happy new year and keep on posting those lovely swatches!

  2. Happy New Year!

    Your swatches are my favorite!!! I always look forward to your top twenty lists! I'm about the same shading as you and lots of np just ends up looking downright strange on me.

    Hope you had a good holiday and best wishes for a kick-ass January!

  3. I love seeing your swatches and they help me a lot! Cant wait to see swatches of the AA line :)


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