swatch: opi the show must go on!

the day after thanksgiving i wore opi the show must go on!, which quite frankly, i hated... screamingly bright pink-orange foil is so not my scene:

this polish applied smoothly (two coats are shown above), and i know many people love this shade, but again, the color really just isn't for me. i'm actually somewhat relieved, as i bought mac bad fairy right when it was released but never wore it because i was disappointed by the murky/muddy quality it had. at the same time, however, i was hesitant to jettison something so highly coveted without even a cursory swatch. but now i can safely assume that i won't like bad fairy either and can feel comfortable offloading it!

boy says: "that looks finely textured, like pink aluminum foil."


  1. Wow! You really takes amazing photos!

  2. This looks so pretty in pictures, but I can't stand this kind of color on my nails. I gave my friend a mani using this color, but she couldn't handle it either, so I quickly removed it and applied the holo version of My Private Jet instead.

    Glad to see you posting again!

  3. thank you all for your comments! sonidlo and annie, the credit goes to poshe t/c and my camera, respectively.

    and cat, ITA re: this color on my nails. i don't mind super vivid pinks, but they have to be cremes (or occasionally a jelly w/ glitter, like zoya astra). for some reason metallic, shimmer, and foil finishes just totally rub me the wrong way. and funny coincidence: i put on MPJ holo shortly after removing TSMGO as well!


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